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5 facts about masturbation
Fact 1: Most learn masturbation intuitively. Only 30 percent of men and women inform themselves about the subject of masturbation. But that's hardly surprising. Adolescents learn a lot by the way. They start to wonder, "Masturbation - how does that work?" And then curiosity grows. At puberty, they get to know their body, try it out, they learn a lot about their bodies in sex education - and if that's not enough, there are still the closest friends they can talk to.
Fact 2: Men do it more often than womenThe thing many have already guessed is now confirmed: men are more likely to satisfy themselves than women. As many as nine percent of gentlemen in the survey stated they wanted to lend a hand - and that every day. So often, only one percent of the ladies do it themselves.
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Fact 3: Some never put their hands on themselves But who would have thought that? Not everyone spoils their self. Among the men, 7 percent of respondents said they never masturbate. Surprisingly, but women obviously live even more abstinent. For whole 14 percent of ladies masturbation is not an issue.
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Fact 4: Masturbation is also in a relationship PlatzIst a solid partner or a steady partner on the spot, man and woman are no longer serious. For in a fixed relationship, the desire for masturbation decreases in both sexes. According to the survey, eleven percent of men believe they are sufficiently spoiled by their partner. Consequently, they do not consider masturbation more than necessary. For women, however, it is 16 percent who completely renounce solo sex in a relationship. Nevertheless, many also enjoy masturbation in the relationship. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that.
Fact 5: Together, it's twice as fun. But why alone, when it sparkles with crackling eroticism? For some couples, the ultimate culmination is watching their partner masturbate. And, in fact, one in four Germans experiences joint hand-in-hand with their partner in bed. Why not? Not only can it be particularly erotic and exciting to watch one's loved one or loved one at such an intimate moment, but both learn from each other what the other person likes most. An orgasm is there as good as guaranteed.
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Conclusion: Why Masturbation Is GoodOb with sex toys like vibrators, dildos and Co. or no - a little do-it-yourself love is a normal and enjoyable experience. Masturbation is also an ideal way to explore your own desires and fantasies. And that's exactly what makes masturbation so important for women. While men experience their satisfaction easily and quickly (even if the sexual partner does not really go to the wall), ladies expect a bit of tact. And anyone who explores and discovers this in a "m?©nage-?*-moi" can share it later with his partner. Basically, then: Who knows himself and his body properly, who has after sex with two more fun.
By the way: Who thinks that masturbation is only about orgasms is a great mistake. A not insignificant number of women lay their hands on the bed again in the evening. Your goal? Not a climax or sexual satisfaction. The caresses of the intimate area calm her. Whether they come here to orgasm, does not play a primary role. They caress, drive down and glide in a wonderful sleep. An enjoyable idea, right?

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